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Concessions, Scholarships & Awards


Economically Backward Classes (E.B.C.)

Those whose parents annual income is less than Rs. 15,000/- are declared as economically backward. Their fees are reimbursed by the State Government. However, the students have to apply in the prescribed form (to be obtained from the college office) together with the Income Certificate signed by a Revenue Officer (not below the rank of Tahsildar) and an attested true copy of the marksheet of the qualifying examination immediately after he / she is admitted to the college.

E.B.C. concession shall be finally decided at the end of the session on the basis of regular attendance (which should not be less than 75%) and satisfactory progress in the monthly / unit test and test examination.


If the E.B.C. concession is denied by the competent authority/principal, the student shall have to pay full fees before the examination.

Once-failure concession

A student belonging to the Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribe, and N.T., etc. who failed only once is also entitled to reimbursement of fees provided, he/she produces reasonable grounds for such failure and fills the prescribed form for freeship at the time of admission to the college.

Concession to the children, wives and widows of Defence Personnel

A student whose father is serving in the armed forces (or has retired from Defence Services) is eligible for free studentship on production of the eliglbility certificate from the District Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen's Board concerned.

Educational concession to girl students upto XII Std.

The girl student studying in 11th and 12th standard of junior College are eligible for free education as per G.R. education and employment deptt. no. fed 1084/(2568) sa shi 5 Dated 6 March 1986.

The girl student availing the free education should submit the girl's affidavit to the college. The concession is not admissible without the said affidavit.

Concession to the children of teaching and non-teaching staff of primary / middle schools (PTC)

The children of primary/middle school teaching and non teaching staff are eligible to avail the concession. The concession is admissible upto three children as per GR No. fed/1096/ad/ 1978/96/SASHI/05 June 1996. The application form should be.

signed by education officer, for the guardian of the ward/pupilserving in Z.P. while by competent authority if serving in private or government school and two true copies of ration card.

Concession to the children of teaching and non-teaching staff of secondary / higher secondary schools (STC)

The children of secondary and higher secondary school teaching and nonteaching staff are eligible for this concession. The conession is admissible up to two children as per GR dated 19-8-1995. The application should be signed by education officer for the guardian of the ward/pupil serving in z.p. while by competent authority if serving in private or government school and two true copies of ration card.


The children including girl born on or after 15 August 1968 are not eligible as per GR education and social welfare department no. fips/1069/8512/C dated 8 Feb 1968.


The Government of India Post-Matric Scholarship (GOI)

I.   All the backward class students (SC/ST/NT/VJ/OBC/SBC etc.) undertaking approved post S.S.C. courses are considered eligible for the Govt. of India scholarship as per Govt. rules. Income limit Rs. 100000/- per annum.

II.   The fees non-chargeble for students from backward class as per Govt. directives & regulation.

III.   Refundable fees and other fees not re-imbursed by the Govt. will be paid by the students.

IV.   The scholarship will be paid to the students according to Government rates.

V. Other conditions for the award

Scholarship is dependent on the satisfactory progress, regular attendance and conduct of the scholar. If it is reported by the Head of the Instution that a scholar has by reasons of his/her own act or default failed to show satisfactory progress or has been guilty of misconduct such as resorting to or participating in strikes, irregularity in attendance, the authority may cancel the scholarship or stop or withhold further payments.

VI. Procedure for submission of the form for the Scholarship

a) All backward class students belonging to the lower income group should apply for the Govt. of India Scholarship in the prescribed form to the college office. Students should be vigilant enough to fill the form correctly and completely in all respects. False information shall disqualify him/her from the above scholarship.

b) Students with a break in studies should submit a gap certificate in the form of an affidavit stating the reason for the gap.

c) Students who received Govt. of India Scholarship in the previous year and have passed the annual examination are also required to submit the application form. Their cases will be reported to the Divisional Social Welfare Officer, Amravati by the college for the renewal of scholarship.

d) For other details contact the college office or read the regulations governing the award.

Govt of India Freeship

Regular junior/senior college students belonging to SC/ST/OBC/VJ/NT/SBC category with income more than Rs. 1,00,000/- per year can apply for the freeship concession in prescribed format.

Chhatrapati Shahu maharaj merit scholarship

The govt. has started the Rajashree Shahu Maharaj Merit Scholarship from 2003-2004 as per GR No. EBC/2003/pra kra 115/mavak-2 dated 11 June 2003 for the students of SC/NT/VJ and SBC admitted to 11th standard securing 75% mark in 10th standard. Therefore the students of above category securing 75% marks in S.S.C. exam. should register their entry and name to the concerned clerk after confirmation of admission to XI STD.

Open Merit Scholarship of the State Government

The students in 11th standard having more than 75% in SSC Exam. and student in BSC part I having more than 60% in HSSC exam. can apply for this scholarship. the annual progress report are necessary for the students of XIIth Std. and that of B.Sc. II, III year students. No bar of the caste and income for this scholoarship.

National Merit Scholarship

The student of the 11th standard should submit the duly completed and duly filled in application form to the college those securing place in merit list of SSC and received application form from the board. The income limit is Rs. 25,000/- per year for this scholarship.

Student Welfare Fund Scholarship (Vidyarthi Kalyan Nidhi Shishyavrutti)

The application for this scholarship can be submitted during first year of the graduate or post graduate education, while 50% marks is necessary in HSSC or Graduate exam.

i) The income should not be more than Rs. 48000/- per year. ii) Birth Certificate iii) The certificate of NSS, NCC, Cultural or sport activities or field are necessary.

Last date for Submission of form is 20th September.

Post Matriculation Scholarship Scheme

Post matriculation scholarship scheme are admissible/ applicable for five students from the minority community (Muslim, Parshi, Shikh, Christian, Budhha)

Eligibility Criterion for Scheme

  1. Regular students of junior, senior college or post graduate students.
  2. More than 50% marks in the previous exam.
  3. Income should be below Rs. 2,00,000/- per year.
  4. Preference will be given to the students from the family having income below poverty line the reafter preference will be given students having income by ascending order.
  5. The scholarship holder students are not eligible for any other scholarship, training or stipend.
  6. The scholarship is admissible upto the two children of a family.
  7. The application form are available on the website www.dirhe.orgin.

Late Shankarrao Jog and Shrimati Parvatibai Shankarrao Jog Scholarship.


  1. Student should be in first year B.Sc. with physics as one of the subject.
  2. Highest mark obtained in physics in H.S.C. Exam. 2011.

Hindi Scholarship (nonhindi student consulation) Eligibility

  1. Mothertongue of students should not be hindi.
  2. Student should have Hindi as one of the subjects in 11th and B.Sc. Part I.
  3. Student should have more than 60% aggregate mark and more than 65% mark in Hindi.

Mathematics and Physics merit scholarship


  1. Student should be admitted to B.Sc. First Year.
  2. Maths and Physics subject to B.Sc. I.
  3. More than 60% mark in B.Sc. exam.

Students' Welfare Fund

Scholarship from this fund is given to poor and deserving tudents. Application in the prescribed form should reach theoffice by 30th September.

Other conditions governing the award of Students' Aid Fund are

  1. Attendance should not be less than 75% in any quarter.
  2. The student should have appeared and passed in the college unit and test examinations.
  3. The conduct of the student should be satisfactory.

Scholarships awarded by the Foundation Society : (Shri Shivaji Education Sociery, Amravati.)

  1. Smt. Kashibai Kale and Smt. Gangabai Bhate Scholarship :
    Awarded to the girl student who has secured the highest number of marks in XII Board or B.Sc. I, II exam of Amravati University from among the students joining colleges under its managements.
  2. Late Ambadas Latoba Kasar Scholarship :
    Awarded to students of the Kasar community joining colleges under its management.
  3. Late Smt. Darubai Sukhdeorao Mahore Patil Scholarship :
    For the student obtaining the highest marks in the B.Sc. (Final) Examination.

Other Scholarships

  1. Smt. Darubai Mahore Patil Scholarship of Kale Foundation trust for girl students.
  2. Maulana Azad National Scholarship scheme for girl student only.
  3. Award under sport fellowship scheme.
  4. Late Mukund Narhari Kale memorial research scholarship scheme.
  5. Rajashree Shahu Maharaj Merit prize/award.
  6. Dhirubhai Ambani Foundation scholarship scheme.
  7. Scholarship scheme of Maharashtra State Labour Welfare board.
  8. Jindal Trust, Bangalore-Maheshwari Development Board, Mumbai. Contact with scholarship section of the college for detail information about scholarship scheme.

Scholarships, freeships, free studentships and Awards

Sr.No. Name of Scholarship Tenure of Scholarship
A) Government Scholarships :
i) National Merit Scholarship (50% mark in the last annual exam) Upto the First degree
ii) Scholarship to students from non-Hindi speaking states for post matric studies in Hindi Tenable only for the stage of the course
iii) a) State Government Open Merit Scholarship in Junior College(based on marks obtained in the last annual exam)
b) Senior College (based on marks obtained in the last annual exam)
2 years
3 years
iv) Talent Development Scholarship in Maths and Physics (promotion to the next higher class securing 60% marks in the chosen subject Maths or Physics as the case may be) 3 years up to B.Sc. degree
v) a) State Government Open Merit Scholarship meant for bright and deserving Junior College students especially from rural areas (Not less than 70% marks in the annual promotion exam.)
b) First Degree Course (based on marks obtained in the last annual exam.)
2 years

3 years
vi) Merit scholarship to the children of primary and secondary school teachers. For continuous courses the scholar must secure promotion to the next higher class in each university Examination. At the completion stage, the scholar must obtain a first class or 60% marks in the aggregate. Till the completion of the chosen course
vii) E.B.C. scholarship for post S.S.C. (45% marks in the last Annual Examination.) 2 years (XI & XII)
viii) Scholarship to the children of freedom fighters (Minimum 50% marks in the examination) For a complete and continuous course
ix) Govt. of India post S.S.C. scholarship to the B.C. (SC, ST, NT, VJ, OBC, SBC) etc.) students (Junior & Senior) (Promotion to the next Higher Class) For a complete and continuous course
x) Govt. of India National Scholarship (as per Govt. rules) For a complete and continuous course
xi) Scholarship to the physically handicapped students (Certificate from the Civil Surgeon must accompany the application from) For complete and Continuous courses
B) Govt. Free - studentship -
i) Free tuition to children of Economically Backward classes (E.B.C.) (Promotion to the next Higher class) Income not exceeding Rs. 15,000/- p.a.) For a complete and continuous course


  1. Rate of scholarships, freeships, E.B.C. etc. as per Govt. rules.
  2. Student should have saving bank account in the Bank of Maharashtra, Morshi Branch at the time of Admission.
  3. Contact with Scholarship/Freeship Section of the College for detail information about scholarship/Freeship Scheme. The application forms received after last date of submission will not be consider at any cause.


Vidya-Ratna S.R. alias Mamasaheb Londhe Memorial Silver Medal

To be awarded to the student from final B.Sc. securing the highest number of marks in aggregate in University Examination from amongest the students of this college.

Prof. Krishnarao Sitaramji Rokade Memorial Silver Medal

To be awarded to the student from XII Std. securing the highest number of marks in aggregate in Board Examination from amongst the students of this college.


  1. All above application forms regarding concessions, scholarships & awards are available in the college office and duly filled in application should be submitted to theoffice.
  2. The students must note the notices for the students aboutgovernment concession, important application etc displayed on the college notice board from time to time without fail.
  3. Students should remain in touch with the notice board, and contact the office for further details about concessions,

scholarships & awards.

Caste Verification (For B.C. students)

Backward class students studying in XI std. and intending to seek admission to Medical / Engineering colleges against reserved seats after passing XII std. exam. are required to get their caste certificate verified by a competent authority.

The students of SC/ST/VJ/NT/SBC and OBC should obtain the requisite application form for caste verification from the college and the duly filled in application form along with necessary document and certificates should be submitted to the college office up to 30-09.2011.