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IQAC Commitee

In pursuance of the Nation Action Plan of the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC), Bangalore for performance, evaluation, assessment and accreditation and quality up-gradation of institutions of higher education, with this noble intention the college formed the Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) consisting of the following office bearers.
1. Chairperson Principal, Shri G.R. Tadas
2. Coordinator Dr. V. N. Pawar
The elite of the town
The Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) functioned under the guidance of the Quality Advisory Committee (QAC) constituted by the college. The IQAC ensured for the conscious, consistent improvement in the performance of the institution. The IQAC endeavored to make a significant and meaningful contribution in the post accreditation state of the institution. During the post accreditation period, the IQAC channeled the efforts and measures of the institution towards academic excellence and intrinsic potential.
The IQAC, therefore, worked out the Annual Quality Assurance Report2008-09 and 2009-10 as per the guidelines given by NAAC.


IQAC framed  the plan of action in the beginning of the session towards quality enhancement and the emphasis was laid upon the following aspects.
    1) The IQAC considered a wide range of program options and courses that are relevant to local and national demand with respect to the emerging trends. The college, therefore, decided to introduce Computer Application as one of the optional subjects for B.Sc. degree course besides the existing program.
    2) The college has started the UGC-COP Information and Computer Technology from 2009-2010 and college has received another sanction letter from UGC to start the another career oriented program in Water Quality and Soil Testing from Academic Session 2010-2011.
3) Introduction of feasible region-based career oriented courses. The proposal submitted to UGC to seek the permission for the introduction of career oriented Certificate / Diploma /Advanced Diploma Courses in Cosmetology, Water Quality and Soil Testing, Gardening and Land Scaping, Fisheries  and Bio-medical Laboratory Technique, whereas, in academic session 2009-10 interface meeting for Water Quality and Soil Testing was successfully held at UGC(WRO),Pune and  from the session 2010-11we are going to introduce the said course under UGC, COP XI th Plan .
4) The college office has been computerized from session 2008-2009 alongwith  up-date and up-gradation. Special computer laboratory was established with all facilities and peripherals for B.Sc. Computer Science Students and for ICT students.
5) UGC-NRC centre fulfills the needs of students and provide internet facilities for the up-date and up-gradation of knowledge with respect to present age of information and competition.
5) UGC, New Delhi sanctioned and sponsored  One day National Seminar on “Recent Innovation in Drug Technology, Techniques and NanoTechnology” and “Chemi-Physics-” has been successfully organized on Feb 28th and 29th , 2010 as per plan chalked out previously. In college council meeting ,Hon’ble principal guided and suggested for the preparation of new proposal from various departments, Botany, Zoology and Physical education departments prepared and submitted the proposals to SGB Amravti University Amravati
    6) Discussion on  Academic Audit of the faculty at the end of the academic session was carried out and necessary suggestions were given  to the concerned from the viewpoint of excellence in the education .
7) Organizing Periodical Medical Checkup Camps in the College in collaboration with Doctors Association of Morshi to create awareness about health, hygiene and various dreadful diseases.
8) To make necessary efforts to minimize the dropout rate.
    9) Introduction of Book Bank Scheme under which the students would be provided textbooks / reference books under the Book Bank Scheme.
10) Organizing the Seminars, Symposia and Workshops in various disciplines.
11) The college insists on the larger participation of students in the intercollegiate and University level games, academic activities and sports.
    12) Encouraging the faculty members for research and undertaking the minor research projects. Faculties of all the department have submitted the proposals of Minor Research Project to the UGC under XI th Plan. The Departments of Zoology, Botany, Chemistry has received the sanction letter from UGC to execute the research projects with the financial assistance from UGC, New Delhi. While Department of Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science are awaited for the response from UGC.  
    13) Formation of the career and self-employment committee in the college under which the Librarian would maintain the record of news paper clippings and display on the Library notice board.
    14) Organizing public meetings and the guest lecturers of the experts to encourage the students for the preparation of the various competitive examinations like M.P.S.C., L.I.C., Banking Examinations, CAT or MAT for M.B.A.,MH-CET for Engineering and Medical Science courses.
15) To submit various proposals under Innovative Program, basic development grants, Non-plan grants   and other funding proposals of UGC XI th Plan.
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